Yield On Cost Calculator

Investing in dividend-paying stocks is a common strategy for generating passive income over time. One essential metric for dividend investors is the Yield on Cost (YOC). YOC represents the dividend yield on your initial investment. To help you calculate your YOC effortlessly, we’ve created the Yield On Cost Calculator. This tool simplifies the process, enabling you to track and assess the performance of your dividend investments.

Formula: The calculation for Yield on Cost (YOC) is straightforward:

Yield on Cost (YOC) = (Annual Dividends / Initial Investment) * 100

How to Use:

  1. Enter the initial investment amount in USD in the “Initial Investment” field.
  2. Input the annual dividends received from your investment in USD in the “Annual Dividends” field.
  3. Click the “Calculate” button to see the calculated Yield on Cost (YOC).

Example: Let’s say you initially invested $10,000 in a dividend-paying stock, and you receive annual dividends of $600 from that investment. Here’s how you would use the calculator:

  • Initial Investment: $10,000
  • Annual Dividends: $600

After clicking “Calculate,” the result will display the Yield on Cost (YOC):

Yield on Cost: 6.00%


  1. What is Yield on Cost (YOC)? Yield on Cost (YOC) is a metric that represents the annual dividend income generated from an investment relative to its initial cost.
  2. Why is YOC important for investors? YOC helps investors assess the performance of their investments by showing how much income their initial investment generates over time.
  3. Is YOC a fixed percentage? No, YOC can change over time as both the annual dividends and the initial investment amount may vary.
  4. Is YOC the same as current dividend yield? No, YOC is based on the initial investment amount, whereas current dividend yield is based on the current stock price.
  5. Can YOC be negative? No, YOC is always positive. A lower YOC simply means that the investment is generating less income relative to its initial cost.

Conclusion: Our Yield On Cost Calculator is a valuable tool for dividend investors to evaluate the performance of their investments. By calculating YOC, you can track the income generated from your initial investment, helping you make informed decisions about your dividend portfolio. Remember that YOC is a dynamic metric that can change over time as dividends and investment values fluctuate. Use this calculator as a useful resource to monitor your dividend income and plan your investment strategies accordingly.

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