Propeller Size Calculator


The Propeller Size Calculator is a valuable tool for boat enthusiasts, aiding in the selection of the most suitable propeller size based on the boat’s engine power and type. Whether you own a sailboat or a motorboat, this calculator simplifies the process of optimizing performance on the water.


The calculation involves multiplying the engine power (in horsepower) by a specific factor, depending on the type of boat. For sailboats, the factor is 2.5, while for motorboats, it is 1.5. The result provides the recommended propeller size in inches.

How to Use

  1. Enter the engine power of your boat in horsepower.
  2. Select the boat type (Sailboat or Motorboat) from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click the “Calculate” button.
  4. View the recommended propeller size in the result.


For example, if you have a sailboat with an engine power of 50 horsepower, input this value, select “Sailboat” as the boat type, click “Calculate,” and the calculator will provide the recommended propeller size in inches.


Q1: Why is choosing the right propeller size important for a boat? A1: The right propeller size is crucial for optimizing fuel efficiency, engine performance, and overall boat handling.

Q2: Can I use this calculator for both small and large boats? A2: Yes, the Propeller Size Calculator is designed to assist boat owners of various sizes and types.

Q3: What factors should I consider when selecting a propeller size? A3: Engine power, boat type, intended use, and manufacturer recommendations are important considerations.

Q4: Is the calculator applicable to electric boat engines? A4: The calculator is primarily designed for traditional internal combustion engines; different considerations apply to electric propulsion systems.

Q5: Can I use the calculator for retrofitting a different engine to my boat? A5: Yes, the calculator helps estimate a suitable propeller size when upgrading or changing the boat’s engine.

Q6: How often should I check and adjust my propeller size? A6: Regular checks are recommended, especially when making modifications to the boat’s engine or weight distribution.

Q7: Does the calculator account for specific boat designs? A7: The calculator provides a general estimate; consulting with boat manufacturers for specific designs is advisable.

Q8: Can I use the calculator for racing boats? A8: While the calculator offers estimates, racing boats may benefit from specialized consultations to fine-tune performance.

Q9: What if my boat has multiple engines? A9: Calculate the total engine power and use that value in the calculator for accurate propeller size recommendations.

Q10: Is the calculator suitable for inflatable boats? A10: Yes, the Propeller Size Calculator is applicable to various boat types, including inflatable boats.


The Propeller Size Calculator streamlines the process of selecting the ideal propeller size for your boat, contributing to optimal performance on the water. Regularly check and adjust propeller sizes based on any changes to your boat’s engine or usage conditions. Consult with boat manufacturers or professionals for precise recommendations, especially for unique or high-performance boat designs.

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