Weighted Voting System Calculator


A Weighted Voting System Calculator is a crucial tool used in various decision-making processes where different voters hold different weights in their votes. This calculation method assists in determining the total aggregated weight of votes that meet or exceed a specific threshold.


The calculator determines the total weighted votes by summing the votes where their corresponding weights meet or surpass a set threshold. This allows for the consideration of more influential or significant votes in the decision-making process.

How to Use

  1. Input the votes by individual voters (separated by commas).
  2. Enter the corresponding weights for each vote (separated by commas).
  3. Specify the threshold value required for a vote to be counted.
  4. Click on the “Calculate” button to find the total weighted votes meeting the threshold.


For example, if there are three voters with votes [5, 7, 3] and respective weights [2, 4, 5], and the threshold is set at 3, the calculator will determine the total weighted votes that meet or exceed the threshold.


  1. Why use a weighted voting system?
    • It allows for a fair representation of individuals’ influence or significance in a decision-making process.
  2. Can this calculator handle negative values in votes or weights?
    • Yes, it can process both positive and negative values in the input.
  3. What happens if the weights are lower than the threshold?
    • Votes with weights lower than the threshold won’t contribute to the total weighted votes.
  4. Is it necessary for the threshold to be an integer?
    • No, the threshold can be any real number for accurate calculations.
  5. Can I input non-numeric characters in the votes or weights?
    • The calculator requires numeric inputs separated by commas for correct calculations.
  6. What if I have missing values or weights?
    • The calculator needs an equal number of values and weights for accurate computations.


The Weighted Voting System Calculator is a valuable tool for scenarios where the influence of individual voters or entities varies significantly. It facilitates a more nuanced decision-making process by considering the weights assigned to votes.

This calculator simplifies the computation of total weighted votes meeting a specified threshold, providing a clearer perspective on the collective influence of votes, aiding in fairer and more comprehensive decision-making processes across diverse settings.

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