Weight Volume Percent Calculator

Welcome to our Weight Volume Percent Calculator, a handy tool that helps you determine the percentage of weight relative to volume. Whether you’re in a chemistry lab or the kitchen, this calculator simplifies the process of calculating percentages.

Formula: The formula for calculating the weight volume percentage is straightforward: Weight Volume Percentage (%)=(Weight (g)Volume (ml))×100Weight Volume Percentage (%)=(Volume (ml)Weight (g)​)×100

How to Use:

  1. Enter the weight in grams in the provided input field.
  2. Enter the volume in milliliters in the respective input field.
  3. Click the “Calculate” button to get the weight volume percentage.

Example: Suppose you have 150 grams of a substance in a volume of 200 milliliters. Using the calculator, you find that the weight volume percentage is 75%.


Q1: What is the Weight Volume Percent Calculator used for? A1: This calculator is used to find the percentage of weight relative to volume, commonly used in chemistry and cooking.

Q2: Can I use this calculator for any unit of weight and volume? A2: Yes, as long as you enter the values in grams for weight and milliliters for volume.

Q3: What should I do if I get an alert saying “Please enter valid values”? A3: Ensure that you have entered numerical values for weight and volume, and the volume is not zero.

Q4: Is the result always displayed with two decimal places? A4: Yes, the result is rounded to two decimal places for clarity.

Q5: Can I use this calculator for liquids and solids? A5: Yes, the calculator works for both liquids and solids.

Conclusion: Our Weight Volume Percent Calculator is a user-friendly tool for quickly determining the percentage of weight to volume. Whether you’re a student conducting experiments or a chef in the kitchen, this calculator simplifies complex calculations, making your tasks easier and more efficient.

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