Run And Walk To Lose Weight Calculator


Running and walking are effective exercises for weight loss. The Run And Walk To Lose Weight Calculator aims to estimate the number of calories burned based on the distance covered, time taken, and the choice between running or walking.


This calculator estimates the calories burned during a running or walking exercise. The calculation takes into account the distance covered and the time taken, with a varying calorie burn rate based on the intensity of running or walking.

How to Use

Input the distance covered in miles and the time taken in minutes. Choose the activity—running or walking—by checking or unchecking the provided box. Click ‘Calculate’ to determine the estimated calories burned during the exercise.


For instance, if someone covers 2 miles in 30 minutes by running, the calculator might estimate burning approximately 200 calories based on the assumed formula.


  1. How does running compare to walking for weight loss? Running generally burns more calories due to higher intensity.
  2. Is the calorie calculation accurate for everyone? The estimation is based on average values and may vary individually.
  3. Can I use this calculator for other exercises? This calculator is specific to running and walking.
  4. Why is running estimated to burn more calories than walking? Running is generally more intense, resulting in a higher calorie burn rate.
  5. Should I base my entire workout plan on these calculations? Consider these calculations as general estimations and consult a fitness professional for a comprehensive plan.
  6. Does speed play a role in the calorie estimation? Faster speeds generally result in higher calorie burn rates.
  7. Can this calculator consider varying terrains or inclines? The calculator provides a generalized estimation and may not consider varying terrains.
  8. Can this calculator help me lose weight effectively? It provides an estimate of calorie expenditure, which is a part of weight loss.
  9. Is walking effective for weight loss compared to running? Walking, though less intense, can still contribute to weight loss.
  10. Should I consider other factors for weight loss besides exercise? Diet, overall lifestyle, and various other factors contribute to weight loss alongside exercise.


The Run And Walk To Lose Weight Calculator provides an estimation of calories burned while running or walking, aiding in understanding the energy expenditure during these activities. While the calculator offers an approximate value, it’s important to consider individual variations and consult with fitness professionals for a tailored and effective weight loss plan that includes exercise and various other factors.

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