Rental Property Cost Calculator

Rental Property Cost Calculator


Your monthly profit/loss will be displayed here.

The Rental Property Cost Calculator is a handy tool for real estate investors and property owners to estimate their monthly profit or loss on a rental property. It takes into account various financial factors to provide a comprehensive financial overview.


The calculator uses the following formula to calculate monthly profit or loss:

Monthly Mortgage Payment = (Loan Amount * (Interest Rate / 1200)) / (1 – (1 + (Interest Rate / 1200))^(-Loan Term * 12))

Monthly Expenses = Monthly Mortgage Payment + (Annual Taxes / 12) + (Insurance / 12)

Monthly Profit/Loss = Monthly Rent – Monthly Expenses

How to Use

  1. Enter the Property Price, Loan Amount, Interest Rate, Loan Term, Annual Taxes, Insurance, and Monthly Rent in their respective fields.
  2. Click the “Calculate” button to compute the monthly profit or loss.


Suppose you have a rental property with a property price of $250,000, a loan amount of $200,000, an interest rate of 4.5%, a loan term of 30 years, annual taxes of $2,000, insurance costs of $1,200, and a monthly rent of $2,500. Upon clicking “Calculate,” the calculator will show a Monthly Profit/Loss of $558.98.


  1. What is a Rental Property Cost Calculator?
    • A Rental Property Cost Calculator is a tool that helps property owners and investors determine their monthly profit or loss from a rental property.
  2. How do I use this calculator?
    • Enter the relevant financial information, including property price, loan details, taxes, insurance, and rent. Click “Calculate” to get your result.
  3. What factors are considered in the calculation?
    • The calculator factors in property price, loan details, interest rate, loan term, annual taxes, insurance, and monthly rent.
  4. Why is it important to calculate rental property costs?
    • Knowing your costs and potential profit or loss is crucial for making informed decisions about your rental property investment.
  5. Can I change the currency symbol?
    • This calculator uses the default currency symbol ($). You can modify it in the code if needed.
  6. Is this calculator suitable for commercial properties?
    • While it can be used for commercial properties, it’s primarily designed for residential rentals.
  7. What happens if I leave fields empty?
    • Fields like Loan Amount, Interest Rate, Loan Term, Annual Taxes, Insurance, and Monthly Rent are important. Empty fields may result in inaccurate calculations.
  8. Can I use this calculator for properties outside the USA?
    • Yes, you can use it for properties in any location; just ensure the currency and units match your region.
  9. Is the interest rate compounded monthly?
    • Yes, the calculator assumes monthly compounding for the interest rate.
  10. Is this calculator accurate for tax and insurance costs?
    • It provides estimates; for precise figures, consult with relevant professionals.


The Rental Property Cost Calculator is a valuable tool for anyone involved in rental property investments. It helps you gain insights into your property’s financial performance, enabling informed decisions and better financial planning. Use it to assess the profitability of your rental ventures and optimize your investments for maximum returns.

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