Rectangular Tubing Weight Calculator


Rectangular tubing is widely used in construction and manufacturing, and understanding its weight is crucial for various applications. The Rectangular Tubing Weight Calculator provides an estimation of the tubing’s weight based on its dimensions and material thickness.


This calculator estimates the weight of rectangular tubing by calculating its volume and then multiplying it by the density of the material. The calculation provides an approximation of the overall weight based on the given dimensions and assumed material density.

How to Use

Input the width, height, length, and material thickness of the rectangular tubing in inches. Click ‘Calculate’ to determine the estimated weight of the tubing. This estimation is beneficial for transportation planning and structural considerations.


For example, if a rectangular tubing measures 3 inches in width, 4 inches in height, 72 inches in length, and has a material thickness of 0.2 inches, the calculator estimates its weight to be approximately X pounds (based on assumed material density).


  1. Can I use this calculator for tubing made from different materials? Yes, adjust the density value according to the specific material used for more accurate estimations.
  2. Is the weight estimation affected by the shape or design of the tubing? The calculator assumes a standard rectangular shape; variations may slightly impact the actual weight.
  3. Can this calculator account for irregular tube shapes? This calculator is designed for rectangular shapes and might not apply to irregular or complex geometries.
  4. Should I account for additional coatings or finishes on the tubing? The calculation assumes the weight of the base material without additional coatings or finishes.
  5. Is the calculated weight inclusive of any voids or hollow spaces in the tubing? The estimation assumes a solid structure without voids or hollow spaces within the tubing.
  6. Can I calculate the weight for tubing with varying thickness along its length? This calculator assumes uniform thickness throughout the length of the tubing.
  7. How does the calculator handle multiple pieces or varied materials in a project? The calculator provides estimations per individual input; aggregate the results for multiple pieces or materials.
  8. Can this calculator estimate the weight for square tubing as well? The calculator can provide estimates for square tubing using the same input criteria.
  9. Are the calculated results an exact representation of the tubing’s weight? The provided weight is an estimation and may slightly differ from actual measurements due to various factors.
  10. Is the calculator’s estimation suitable for real-world applications? The provided weight estimation is a close approximation and aids in planning and logistics but may differ in practical scenarios due to multiple variables.


The Rectangular Tubing Weight Calculator provides a practical estimation of the weight of rectangular tubing based on its dimensions and assumed material density. While the calculator offers a valuable approximation, it’s essential to consider real-world variations in material, coatings, and design that may influence the actual weight of the tubing. This estimation is useful for planning, transportation, and structural considerations in various industries.

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