Propane Vs Electric Heat Cost Calculator

Choosing the right heating method for your home or space is an important decision, and it often comes down to cost. Our Propane vs. Electric Heat Cost Calculator is designed to help you compare the heating costs between propane and electric heating. In this article, we introduce you to this calculator and provide step-by-step instructions on how to use it effectively.


Comparing the cost of propane and electric heating involves several factors, including the heated area (in square feet), the price of propane (per gallon), the electricity rate (per kWh), and the heating efficiency of both methods (as a percentage). The formula for calculating heating costs is as follows:

Propane Heating Cost = (Heated Area / Propane Efficiency) x Propane Price
Electric Heating Cost = (Heated Area / (Electric Efficiency * 1000)) x Electricity Rate

How to Use

Our Propane vs. Electric Heat Cost Calculator is user-friendly and straightforward. Here’s how you can compare heating costs for your space:

  1. Input the total area you need to heat in square feet in the “Heated Area” field.
  2. Enter the current price of propane per gallon in the “Propane Price” field.
  3. Input the electricity rate per kWh in the “Electricity Rate” field.
  4. Enter the heating efficiency percentage for both propane and electric heating methods in their respective fields.
  5. Click the “Calculate” button.

The calculator will provide you with a comparison of the heating costs and indicate which method is more cost-effective.


Let’s walk through an example of how to use our calculator. Suppose you have a space of 1,500 square feet to heat. The price of propane is $2.50 per gallon, and the electricity rate is $0.12 per kWh. The propane heating efficiency is 90%, and the electric heating efficiency is 95%. After entering these values and clicking “Calculate,” you will receive the following result:

“Propane Heating Cost: $416.67
Electric Heating Cost: $394.74
Electric heating is more cost-effective.”


  1. What factors can affect the cost comparison between propane and electric heating?
    • Factors include area to be heated, fuel prices, electricity rates, and heating system efficiency.
  2. Is propane or electric heating more efficient for smaller or larger spaces?
    • Efficiency can vary, but the calculator helps you determine cost-effectiveness based on specific factors.
  3. Do fuel prices for propane and electricity vary by region?
    • Yes, prices can vary by location and supplier.
  4. Can I use this calculator for comparing heating costs for different types of buildings?
    • Yes, you can compare heating costs for various spaces, including homes and commercial buildings.
  5. Is the calculator’s estimate inclusive of maintenance and equipment costs?
    • No, it focuses solely on the fuel and electricity costs for heating.
  6. How can I improve heating efficiency to reduce costs?
    • Improve insulation, use programmable thermostats, and ensure regular maintenance of heating systems.
  7. Can I use this calculator for comparing heating costs in different seasons?
    • Yes, you can adjust the parameters to estimate costs for different seasons.
  8. Are there rebates or incentives for energy-efficient heating systems?
    • Some regions offer incentives for energy-efficient heating systems. Check with local authorities and utilities.
  9. Is the calculator’s result an exact cost or an estimate?
    • The result is an estimate based on the inputs provided. Actual heating costs may vary based on specific conditions and usage.


Our Propane vs. Electric Heat Cost Calculator provides a valuable tool for comparing the heating costs of propane and electric methods for your space. While it offers a useful starting point for decision-making, remember that actual costs may vary based on various factors. Use this calculator to make informed choices regarding the most cost-effective heating method for your needs.

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