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In the world of Pathfinder, scrolls are essential tools for spellcasters. Whether you’re a wizard, sorcerer, or cleric, having the right scrolls at your disposal can make a world of difference. However, understanding the cost of creating or purchasing scrolls can be a bit daunting. That’s where our Pathfinder Scroll Cost Calculator comes to the rescue.


The cost of a scroll in Pathfinder is determined by a simple formula:

Scroll Cost = Base Cost * Scroll Level * Spell Level Multiplier

  • Base Cost: The base cost for a scroll is 25 gold pieces.
  • Scroll Level: This is the level of the scroll you want to create or purchase.
  • Spell Level Multiplier: The multiplier is calculated by multiplying the spell level by 10.

How to Use

Using our Pathfinder Scroll Cost Calculator is a breeze:

  1. Enter the desired Scroll Level in the first input field.
  2. Enter the Spell Level of the scroll in the second input field.
  3. Click the “Calculate” button.

The calculator will instantly provide you with the cost of the scroll in gold pieces.


Let’s say you want to calculate the cost of a Scroll of Fireball (a 3rd-level spell) with a Scroll Level of 5:

  • Scroll Level: 5
  • Spell Level: 3

Click the “Calculate” button, and you’ll find that the Scroll Cost is 375 gold pieces.


Q1: Can I use the calculator for scrolls of any spell level? Yes, you can use the calculator for scrolls of any spell level. Simply input the Scroll Level and the corresponding Spell Level.

Q2: Are there any additional costs for creating scrolls in-game? The calculator provides the base cost. Additional costs, such as material components, might apply depending on your Pathfinder campaign’s rules.

Q3: How do I determine the Scroll Level for a particular spell? The Scroll Level for a spell is typically equal to the spell’s level. For example, a 3rd-level spell has a Scroll Level of 3.

Q4: Can I use the calculator for scrolls of spells from different classes? Yes, the calculator works for scrolls of spells from any class, whether arcane or divine.

Q5: What if I want to calculate the cost for multiple scrolls at once? You can use the calculator for each scroll separately and add the costs together for multiple scrolls.

Q6: Are there any restrictions on who can use scrolls in Pathfinder? In Pathfinder, spellcasters with the appropriate spell on their spell list can use scrolls of that spell.

Q7: Can I sell scrolls I create using this calculator? That depends on your campaign’s rules and the availability of buyers. Consult your Game Master (GM) for more information.

Q8: Are there any discounts available for bulk purchases of scrolls? Discounts may be available in certain in-game situations, but this calculator provides the standard cost.

Q9: Can I customize the base cost for scrolls in this calculator? No, this calculator uses the standard base cost of 25 gold pieces.

Q10: Is the calculator compatible with Pathfinder 2nd Edition? This calculator is designed for Pathfinder 1st Edition. Rules for 2nd Edition may differ.


Our Pathfinder Scroll Cost Calculator simplifies the process of determining how much you’ll need to invest in scrolls for your adventures. Whether you’re a seasoned spellcaster or just starting your journey, this tool will help you budget your gold wisely. Remember that in-game rules and discounts may vary, so always check with your Game Master for campaign-specific details. Happy adventuring!

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