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Opportunity cost is a fundamental economic concept that helps individuals and businesses make informed decisions about resource allocation. It represents the potential value lost when choosing one option over another. To calculate opportunity cost, you can use our Opp Cost Calculator, which simplifies this complex calculation.


Opportunity Cost = Value of the Next Best Alternative – Value of Chosen Option

How to Use

  1. Enter the value of the option you’ve chosen in “Value A.”
  2. Enter the value of the next best alternative in “Value B.”
  3. Click the “Calculate” button.
  4. The calculator will display the opportunity cost in the “Result” section.


Suppose you are a business owner deciding between two investment opportunities. Investment A is expected to generate $10,000 in profit, while Investment B is expected to generate $8,000. By using the Opp Cost Calculator:

  • Value A: $10,000
  • Value B: $8,000

Upon calculation, the calculator will show the opportunity cost, which is $2,000. This means that by choosing Investment A, you are giving up the opportunity to earn $2,000 from Investment B.


  1. What is opportunity cost?
    • Opportunity cost is the value of the next best alternative that must be sacrificed when a decision is made.
  2. Why is opportunity cost important?
    • It helps individuals and businesses make rational decisions by comparing the benefits of different choices.
  3. How can I calculate opportunity cost without the calculator?
    • You can manually calculate it using the formula mentioned in the article.
  4. Can opportunity cost be zero?
    • Yes, it’s possible if the value of the next best alternative is the same as the chosen option.
  5. Is opportunity cost always expressed in monetary terms?
    • No, it can be in any unit that represents the value of the alternatives being considered.
  6. Does opportunity cost only apply to economics?
    • No, it’s a concept applicable in various decision-making scenarios, including personal choices.
  7. What are some real-life examples of opportunity cost?
    • Choosing between going to college and starting a job immediately, or investing in one business venture over another.
  8. Is opportunity cost constant over time?
    • No, it can change as circumstances and values change.
  9. How can I minimize opportunity cost in decision-making?
    • By carefully evaluating your options and considering long-term consequences.
  10. Can opportunity cost be negative?
    • No, it’s always a positive value representing the value of the foregone alternative.


The Opp Cost Calculator simplifies the process of calculating opportunity cost, a crucial concept in economics and decision-making. By understanding the concept and using our calculator, you can make more informed choices in both personal and business scenarios. Don’t let valuable opportunities slip away; calculate your opportunity cost with ease.

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