New York State Closing Costs Calculator For Buyer


Purchasing a home in New York State involves several costs, one of which is closing costs. Our NY Closing Costs Calculator for Buyers is designed to help you estimate the closing costs associated with your property purchase in the state of New York. By entering the property price, loan amount, and down payment, you can quickly get an idea of the expected closing costs.


The calculation for estimating the closing costs is as follows:

Estimated Closing Costs ($) = Property Price – Loan Amount – Down Payment

  • Property Price ($): The total price of the property you intend to purchase.
  • Loan Amount ($): The amount of money you are borrowing for the purchase.
  • Down Payment ($): The initial payment you make toward the property.

How to Use the NY Closing Costs Calculator

Using our calculator is straightforward:

  1. Input Property Price ($): Enter the total price of the property you plan to purchase.
  2. Input Loan Amount ($): Provide the amount of money you are borrowing for the purchase.
  3. Input Down Payment ($): Enter the initial payment you are making toward the property.
  4. Click Calculate: After inputting all values, click the “Calculate” button.

The calculator will swiftly process your information and display the estimated closing costs in dollars ($).


Let’s illustrate the NY Closing Costs Calculator’s functionality with an example:

  • Property Price ($): $500,000.00
  • Loan Amount ($): $400,000.00
  • Down Payment ($): $50,000.00

Using the formula:

Estimated Closing Costs ($) = $500,000.00 – $400,000.00 – $50,000.00 = $50,000.00

In this example, the estimated closing costs are $50,000.00.


1. What do closing costs typically include in New York State?

  • Closing costs in New York State can include fees for services such as property appraisal, title insurance, attorney fees, and more. It’s advisable to consult with a local real estate expert for a detailed breakdown.

2. Are closing costs the same across all counties in New York State?

  • No, closing costs may vary from one county to another in New York State. Different counties may have slightly different fee structures and tax rates.

3. Can I roll closing costs into my mortgage in New York State?

  • In some cases, you may have the option to finance your closing costs by adding them to your mortgage. However, this can affect your loan terms, so it’s essential to discuss this with your lender.

4. Are there any special programs or incentives for first-time homebuyers in New York State?

  • Yes, New York State offers various programs and incentives for first-time homebuyers. These can include down payment assistance and tax credits. Be sure to explore these options with a qualified real estate professional.

5. Can I negotiate closing costs with the seller in New York State?

  • In some cases, you may negotiate with the seller to cover a portion of the closing costs. However, this depends on the terms of your purchase agreement and the willingness of the seller.

6. Is this calculator suitable for other states besides New York?

  • While designed with New York in mind, you can use this calculator as a general estimation tool for closing costs in other states. However, be aware that specific fees and regulations may vary.


Our NY Closing Costs Calculator for Buyers is a valuable tool for anyone planning to purchase a home in New York State. It provides a quick estimate of the closing costs you can expect based on the property price, loan amount, and down payment. Understanding these costs is crucial for budgeting and ensuring a smooth home buying process. Use this calculator as a starting point in your financial planning when considering a property purchase in New York State.

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