Mortgage Excel Calculator

Introduction: The Mortgage Excel Calculator is a simple yet effective tool for individuals looking to calculate their monthly mortgage payments. By entering essential details such as the loan amount, annual interest rate, and loan term, users can swiftly obtain an estimate of their monthly repayment.

Formula: The calculator utilizes the standard mortgage formula to calculate the monthly payment:



  • M is the monthly payment.
  • P is the loan amount.
  • r is the monthly interest rate.
  • n is the total number of payments (loan term in months).

How to Use:

  1. Enter the loan amount.
  2. Input the annual interest rate.
  3. Specify the loan term in years.
  4. Click the “Calculate” button to obtain the estimated monthly payment.

Example: Suppose you have a loan amount of $250,000, an annual interest rate of 3.5%, and a loan term of 30 years. After clicking “Calculate,” the result will display your estimated monthly mortgage payment.


  1. Q: Is this calculator suitable for different types of mortgages?
    • A: Yes, it can be used for various mortgage types with different terms and interest rates.
  2. Q: Can I use it for both home purchase and refinancing calculations?
    • A: Absolutely, the calculator is versatile and applicable to both scenarios.
  3. Q: Does it consider property taxes and insurance in the monthly payment?
    • A: No, the calculator provides the principal and interest components only.
  4. Q: Is the interest rate compounded monthly?
    • A: Yes, the calculator assumes monthly compounding.
  5. Q: Can I rely on the result as the exact monthly payment?
    • A: It provides a close estimate, but actual payments may vary based on additional costs and fees.

Conclusion: Our Mortgage Excel Calculator offers a quick and straightforward way to estimate your monthly mortgage payment. Use it as a handy tool for initial budgeting and financial planning, keeping in mind that other costs may contribute to the overall payment. For precise calculations, consult with a mortgage professional.

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