Mortgage Escrow Calculator

When managing a mortgage, it’s crucial to consider not only the loan amount and interest but also additional expenses like property tax and home insurance. Our Mortgage Escrow Calculator simplifies this process, providing you with a comprehensive overview of your monthly and total costs.

Formula: The calculator employs the following formula to determine the total cost:

Total Cost=Total Payment+Total Property Tax+Total Home InsuranceTotal Cost=Total Payment+Total Property Tax+Total Home Insurance

How to Use:

  1. Enter your loan amount in the “Loan Amount” field.
  2. Input the annual interest rate as a percentage in the “Annual Interest Rate” field.
  3. Specify the loan term in years using the “Loan Term” field.
  4. Enter the annual property tax in the “Annual Property Tax” field.
  5. Provide the annual home insurance cost in the “Annual Home Insurance” field.
  6. Click the “Calculate” button to obtain the total cost.

Example: Suppose you have a $200,000 loan with a 4% annual interest rate, a 30-year term, $1,200 annual property tax, and $800 annual home insurance. After clicking “Calculate,” the result will show the total cost of your mortgage escrow.


  1. What is a mortgage escrow?
    • A mortgage escrow is an account held by the lender to pay property taxes and insurance on behalf of the homeowner.
  2. Why is property tax included in the calculation?
    • Property tax is part of the escrow account, ensuring it’s paid timely to prevent any legal issues.
  3. Can I change the insurance and tax values later?
    • Yes, you can update the insurance and tax values and click “Calculate” to get an updated total cost.
  4. What does the “Total Payment” represent?
    • Total payment includes the principal and interest paid over the loan term.
  5. Is the calculator suitable for all types of mortgages?
    • It’s primarily designed for fixed-rate mortgages; adjustable-rate mortgages may require additional considerations.

Conclusion: Our Mortgage Escrow Calculator simplifies the complex task of estimating your total mortgage cost. By including property tax and home insurance, it provides a more accurate representation of your financial commitment. Use this tool to make informed decisions about your mortgage and plan your budget effectively.

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