Mortgage Discharge Fee Calculator

Are you looking to calculate your Mortgage Discharge Fee? Whether you’re refinancing or paying off your mortgage early, understanding the fees involved is essential. Our Mortgage Discharge Fee Calculator simplifies this process, allowing you to estimate your fee with ease.

Formula: The Mortgage Discharge Fee is calculated using the formula:

Mortgage Discharge Fee=Loan Amount×Interest Rate×Loan Term100Mortgage Discharge Fee=100Loan Amount×Interest Rate×Loan Term​

How to use:

  1. Enter your Loan Amount.
  2. Input the Interest Rate in percentage.
  3. Specify the Loan Term in years.
  4. Click the “Calculate” button.
  5. The Mortgage Discharge Fee will be displayed instantly.

Example: Let’s say you have a loan amount of $200,000, an interest rate of 4%, and a loan term of 15 years. \text{Mortgage Discharge Fee} = \frac{200000 \times 4 \times 15}{100} = $120,000


  1. What is a Mortgage Discharge Fee?
    • A Mortgage Discharge Fee is a charge levied by a lender when a mortgage is paid off or refinanced.
  2. Is the Mortgage Discharge Fee the same as the Early Repayment Fee?
    • No, they are different. While the Mortgage Discharge Fee is charged when the mortgage is paid off, the Early Repayment Fee is charged for repaying the loan before the agreed-upon term.
  3. Are Mortgage Discharge Fees regulated?
    • Mortgage Discharge Fees may be regulated by local laws and can vary between lenders.
  4. Can I negotiate the Mortgage Discharge Fee?
    • It may be possible to negotiate the fee with your lender, especially if you’re refinancing with the same institution.
  5. Are Mortgage Discharge Fees tax-deductible?
    • In some cases, Mortgage Discharge Fees may be tax-deductible. Consult with a tax professional for advice.
  6. Can I avoid Mortgage Discharge Fees?
    • Mortgage Discharge Fees are typically unavoidable when paying off a mortgage, but you can inquire about any potential waivers or reductions with your lender.
  7. Is the Mortgage Discharge Fee the same as the Mortgage Exit Fee?
    • Yes, these terms are often used interchangeably to refer to the fee charged when closing a mortgage account.
  8. How is the Mortgage Discharge Fee calculated?
    • The fee is usually calculated based on a percentage of the outstanding loan amount.
  9. Can I include the Mortgage Discharge Fee in my refinanced loan?
    • Depending on the lender and loan terms, it may be possible to roll the fee into the new loan amount.
  10. Is the Mortgage Discharge Fee refundable if I cancel my refinancing?
    • It depends on the terms of your agreement with the lender. Some may refund the fee if the refinancing is canceled within a certain period.

Conclusion: With our Mortgage Discharge Fee Calculator, you can swiftly estimate the cost of settling your mortgage. Understanding these fees empowers you to make informed financial decisions. Use our calculator to streamline the process and plan your mortgage repayments effectively.

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