Men’S Weight Calculator

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The Men’s Weight Calculator estimates the ideal weight for men according to their height, providing a guideline for healthy weight management. This tool considers a formula based on height ranges for a recommended weight.


The calculator derives the ideal weight for men using a formula that considers the height. For heights up to 150cm, it uses (Height – 100) – ((Height – 150) / 4), and for each additional centimeter beyond 150cm, it adds 0.5 kilograms.

How to Use

To utilize the Men’s Weight Calculator:

  1. Enter the man’s height in centimeters.
  2. Click the “Calculate” button to obtain the estimated ideal weight.


For instance, if a man’s height is 175 centimeters, the calculator will provide an estimated ideal weight based on the given formula.


  1. Is this ideal weight applicable to all men?
    • It’s a general estimation; individual factors may influence ideal weight differently.
  2. Can this calculator determine the perfect weight for bodybuilders or athletes?
    • Athletes or bodybuilders with higher muscle mass might have a different ideal weight.
  3. Does this calculation consider age or other factors influencing weight?
    • This calculator is based solely on height; other factors are not included.
  4. Is this calculation effective for men with unusual body proportions?
    • Results may vary for individuals with unique body proportions.
  5. Does this ideal weight estimation change for men of different ages?
    • The formula doesn’t account for age-related changes in body weight.
  6. Can this calculator help for weight management purposes?
    • It offers a reference point, but personalized advice is recommended for weight management.
  7. Should I strictly follow this ideal weight estimation?
    • Use this as a reference; consulting a healthcare professional for personalized guidance is recommended.
  8. Is this estimation applicable for all regions or ethnicities?
    • Ideal weights might differ based on regional or ethnic variations.
  9. Are there health risks if a man’s weight differs from this estimation?
    • Individual health factors should be considered, and variations might not necessarily imply health risks.
  10. Can the ideal weight change over time for the same height?
    • Weight recommendations may vary based on evolving health conditions.


The Men’s Weight Calculator provides an approximate ideal weight based on the entered height, offering a reference point for maintaining a healthy weight. However, individual body compositions and health factors must be considered for personalized health management.

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