Inverter Run Time Calculator

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Introduction: Inverters are essential devices that provide backup power during outages. To make the most of your inverter, it’s crucial to know how long it can run a specific load with your battery. Our Inverter Run Time Calculator is a valuable tool for both homeowners and professionals, helping you determine the expected run time of your inverter based on the load and battery capacity.

Formula: The Inverter Run Time Calculator relies on a simple formula: Run Time (hours) = Battery Capacity (Ah) / (Load (Watts) / 1000). This formula calculates the duration an inverter can power a load by dividing the battery capacity in ampere-hours (Ah) by the load in watts (W), converting the load to kilowatts (kW).

How to Use:

  1. Enter the power load in watts (W) that you want to run on your inverter in the first input field.
  2. Input the battery capacity in ampere-hours (Ah) of your inverter in the second input field.
  3. Click the “Calculate” button.
  4. The calculator will display the estimated run time of your inverter in hours.

Example: Suppose you have an inverter with a battery capacity of 100 Ah, and you want to power a load of 500 watts. Here’s how to use the Inverter Run Time Calculator:

  1. Enter 500 in the “Enter the load in watts” field.
  2. Enter 100 in the “Enter the battery capacity in ampere-hours (Ah)” field.
  3. Click the “Calculate” button.

The calculator will show the result: “Result: 2.00 hours.”


  1. Q: Can I use this calculator for different types of inverters? A: Yes, this calculator is versatile and works for all types of inverters, including pure sine wave and modified sine wave inverters.
  2. Q: What happens if the load exceeds the battery capacity? A: If the load is higher than the battery capacity, the inverter may run for a shorter time than calculated, or it may not be able to power the load at all.
  3. Q: Is it necessary to convert the load from watts to kilowatts? A: Yes, it’s essential to convert the load to kilowatts by dividing it by 1000 to ensure the formula’s units match.
  4. Q: Can I use this calculator for solar power inverters? A: Yes, you can use it for solar power inverters. Just enter the load and battery capacity as with any other inverter.
  5. Q: How can I extend my inverter’s run time? A: To prolong run time, consider using energy-efficient appliances, adding more batteries in parallel, or reducing the load.

Conclusion: The Inverter Run Time Calculator simplifies the process of estimating how long your inverter can power a specific load. It’s a valuable tool for ensuring you have backup power when you need it most. By understanding your inverter’s capabilities, you can better plan for power outages and emergencies, making it a valuable addition to your toolkit for home or business.

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