How To Calculate Yield On Cost


Investors often want to assess the performance of their investments, especially in terms of dividend income. The Yield on Cost (YOC) is a valuable metric that calculates the annual dividend income as a percentage of your initial investment. Our Yield On Cost Calculator simplifies this calculation, helping you understand the yield you’re receiving from your investments.


The Yield on Cost (YOC) is calculated using the following formula:

Yield on Cost (%) = (Annual Dividends ($) / Initial Investment ($)) × 100

In this formula:

  • Annual Dividends ($) represent the total annual dividends received from your investment.
  • Initial Investment ($) represents the initial amount of money you invested.

How to Use the Yield On Cost Calculator

Using the calculator is straightforward:

  1. Input Annual Dividends: Enter the total annual dividends you receive from your investment in dollars.
  2. Input Initial Investment: Enter the initial amount of money you invested in dollars.
  3. Click Calculate: After providing the required information, click the “Calculate” button.

The calculator will process your data and display the calculated Yield on Cost as a percentage.


Let’s illustrate how the Yield On Cost Calculator works with an example:

  • Annual Dividends: $500.00
  • Initial Investment: $10,000.00

Using the formula:

Yield on Cost (%) = ($500.00 / $10,000.00) × 100 = 5.00%

In this example, with annual dividends of $500.00 and an initial investment of $10,000.00, the calculated Yield on Cost is 5.00%.


1. What does the Yield on Cost (YOC) indicate?

  • The YOC represents the percentage of your initial investment that you receive in annual dividend income. It helps assess the income generated from your investment relative to the amount invested.

2. Is a higher YOC always better?

  • A higher YOC can be desirable, but it’s important to consider your investment goals and risk tolerance. A higher YOC may indicate higher income potential but could also involve greater risk.

3. How can I use the YOC in investment decisions?

  • YOC can be useful for comparing the income potential of different investments and tracking the growth of your dividend income over time.

4. Does the YOC consider changes in dividend payouts?

  • No, the YOC is based on the current annual dividends and the initial investment. It does not account for changes in dividend amounts.

5. Can I use this calculator for both stocks and bonds?

  • Yes, you can calculate the YOC for various types of investments, including stocks, bonds, and dividend-paying securities.


The Yield On Cost Calculator is a valuable tool for investors looking to assess the annual dividend income generated by their investments relative to their initial investment. It provides a simple way to calculate the Yield on Cost and gain insights into the income potential of your investments. Keep in mind that this calculator provides an estimate based on the information you provide and does not consider changes in dividend amounts or market conditions.

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