How To Calculate Cost Of Flooring Per Square Foot

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When planning a flooring project, one of the essential factors to consider is the cost per square foot. Calculating the cost of flooring per square foot helps you budget more accurately and make informed decisions about the materials you’ll use. In this article, we provide an online calculator that enables you to determine the cost of flooring per square foot for your project.


The formula for calculating the cost of flooring per square foot is straightforward:

Cost Per Sq. Foot (in dollars)=Total Cost (in dollars)Total Area (in sq. feet)Cost Per Sq. Foot (in dollars)=Total Area (in sq. feet)Total Cost (in dollars)​

In this formula:

  • Cost Per Sq. Foot is the cost of the flooring for each square foot.
  • Total Cost is the total amount you spend on your flooring project.
  • Total Area is the area you plan to cover with flooring.

How to Use:

  1. Enter the total area you want to cover with flooring in square feet.
  2. Specify the total cost of the flooring materials and installation.
  3. Click the “Calculate” button.
  4. The calculator will display the cost per square foot.


Suppose you have a room with a total area of 300 square feet, and you spent $1,500 on flooring materials and installation. To calculate the cost per square foot:

  1. Input the total area: Total Area = 300 sq. ft.
  2. Enter the total cost: Total Cost = $1,500

Now, click “Calculate,” and the calculator will show the cost per square foot.


  1. Why is calculating the cost per square foot important? Calculating the cost per square foot helps you budget accurately for your flooring project and compare different flooring materials.
  2. What costs should I include in the total cost? Include the cost of flooring materials, installation, underlayment, and any additional expenses.
  3. Is labor included in the total cost? Yes, labor costs should be included in the total cost to get an accurate cost per square foot.
  4. How do I measure the total area for flooring? Measure the length and width of the space and multiply these measurements (in the same units) to find the total area in square feet.
  5. What’s the typical cost range for various flooring materials per square foot? Costs can vary widely, but common materials include hardwood ($5-$15/sq. ft.), laminate ($2-$8/sq. ft.), carpet ($2-$5/sq. ft.), and tile ($7-$12/sq. ft.).
  6. Should I consider maintenance costs when calculating the cost per square foot? Yes, consider ongoing maintenance costs when budgeting for your flooring project.
  7. Are there additional costs, like transitions or moldings? Yes, additional costs may include transitions, moldings, or any other finishing touches.
  8. How does the cost per square foot affect the overall project budget? Knowing the cost per square foot helps you make informed decisions about which flooring material fits your budget and needs.
  9. What factors might cause the cost per square foot to vary? Costs can vary based on the quality of materials, labor rates, and the complexity of the installation.
  10. How can I compare costs between different flooring options? Research various flooring options and obtain quotes from contractors to compare the overall cost, including installation.


Calculating the cost of flooring per square foot is a valuable skill when planning any home improvement project. Using our online calculator, you can quickly and accurately determine the cost per square foot for your flooring project, whether it’s a single room or an entire home. By understanding the cost per square foot, you can make informed choices about materials and stay within your budget. This ensures that your flooring project is not only beautiful but also cost-effective.

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