How Is Stoppage Time Calculated In Soccer

Introduction: Stoppage time, often referred to as injury time, is a crucial aspect of soccer matches. Determining the additional time at the end of each half is essential for fair play. Our Stoppage Time Calculator simplifies this process by allowing users to input the regular time and injury time, providing a quick and accurate calculation of the total stoppage time.

Formula: The calculation of stoppage time is based on a common soccer convention, where stoppage time is usually half of the injury time added to the regular time. The formula used is: Stoppage Time = (Injury Time / 2) + Regular Time. The result is rounded up to ensure a whole number, as stoppage time is typically expressed in whole minutes.

How to Use:

  1. Input the regular time played in minutes.
  2. Input the injury time allocated by the referee in minutes.
  3. Click the “Calculate” button to obtain the total stoppage time.
  4. The result will be displayed in the ‘Stoppage Time’ field.

Example: If the regular time is 90 minutes and the injury time is 5 minutes, the calculator would determine the stoppage time to be 92.5 minutes, rounded up to 93 minutes.


  1. Q: Why is stoppage time added in soccer matches? A: Stoppage time is added to compensate for time lost due to stoppages in play, such as injuries, substitutions, or time-wasting, ensuring a fair and accurate representation of the total playing time.
  2. Q: Who determines the amount of injury time? A: The referee is responsible for deciding the amount of injury time to be added, considering various factors like injuries, substitutions, and other stoppages.
  3. Q: Is stoppage time the same in every soccer match? A: No, stoppage time varies from match to match and is determined by the referee based on the specific events that occurred during the game.
  4. Q: Can stoppage time be negative? A: No, stoppage time cannot be negative. If there is no injury time indicated, the stoppage time will be equal to the regular time.
  5. Q: Why is stoppage time rounded up to the nearest minute? A: Rounding up is a common practice in soccer to ensure a clear and whole number representation of stoppage time for match officials and spectators.

Conclusion: Our Stoppage Time Calculator provides soccer enthusiasts with a practical tool for calculating stoppage time in matches. By considering both regular time and injury time, users can gain insights into the additional minutes added by referees to account for stoppages, contributing to a fair and accurate representation of playing time in soccer.

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