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Grow rooms, often used for plants that require controlled environments, can be a bit expensive to maintain. Knowing the costs involved is essential for budgeting. Our Grow Room Cost Calculator is designed to give you an idea of the electricity costs associated with running your grow room.

The formula we use to calculate the grow room cost is: Total Cost = Room Size (in sq. ft) multiplied by Light Power (in kilowatts) multiplied by Lighting Hours per Day multiplied by Total Days multiplied by Electricity Cost per kWh.

How to use

  1. Enter the size of your grow room in square feet.
  2. Input the electricity cost in your area per kWh.
  3. Mention how many hours a day you keep your lights on.
  4. Input the power of your light in watts.
  5. State the total number of days you plan to run the grow room.
  6. Click the ‘Calculate’ button to get the total cost.

Suppose you have a grow room of 100 sq. ft., electricity costs $0.10 per kWh, you use lights that consume 500 watts, and they’re on for 12 hours a day for 30 days. After inputting these values, the calculator will give you the total cost of operating your grow room for those 30 days.


  1. Is this calculator accurate?
    • While this calculator provides a good estimate, actual costs can vary based on many factors.
  2. Does the calculator account for other appliances in the grow room?
    • No, it specifically calculates for lighting. Add other appliance costs separately.
  3. How do I know the power of my light?
    • Check the product specifications or manual.
  4. Does the type of plant I’m growing affect the cost?
    • The type of plant might determine the hours of light needed, which would affect the cost.
  5. Can I use this calculator for any room size?
    • Yes, input the size of your grow room in sq. ft.
  6. Why is my actual bill higher than the calculated cost?
    • This calculator focuses on lighting. Other factors like heating, cooling, or additional appliances might add to your bill.
  7. What if I use solar energy?
    • If you use free sources like solar energy, adjust the electricity cost accordingly.
  8. How can I reduce the cost of my grow room?
    • Consider energy-efficient lights or adjust the lighting hours based on plant needs.
  9. Why is the electricity cost an essential factor in the calculation?
    • Electricity is the primary recurring cost in a grow room, especially for lighting.
  10. What if I have multiple lights with different power ratings?
  • Calculate the cost for each light separately and then sum them up.

Operating a grow room has its costs, primarily due to electricity. Understanding these costs using the Grow Room Cost Calculator can help in budgeting and in making informed decisions on operation hours and equipment choice. Always consider ways to be energy efficient to keep costs down.

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