Granite Cost Calculator


Granite countertops are a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms due to their durability and aesthetic appeal. If you're considering installing granite countertops in your home, it's essential to budget for the cost. The Granite Cost Calculator helps you estimate the total cost based on the dimensions of your countertop and the price per square foot.


To estimate the cost of granite countertops, we use the following formula:

  • Area (in square feet) = (Length × Width × Thickness) / 12 (to convert thickness from inches to feet)
  • Total Cost = Area × Price per Square Foot ($)

How to Use

Using the Granite Cost Calculator is easy:

  1. Enter the length of the countertop in feet.
  2. Input the width of the countertop in feet.
  3. Specify the thickness of the granite in inches.
  4. Enter the price per square foot of the granite.
  5. Click the "Calculate" button.

The calculator will provide you with an estimated cost for your granite countertop.


Let's say you want to install a granite countertop that is 10 feet long, 2.5 feet wide, and 1.25 inches thick. The price per square foot of granite is $60. The calculator would determine the estimated cost as follows:

  • Area = (10 feet × 2.5 feet × 1.25 inches) / 12 = 2.08 square feet
  • Total Cost = 2.08 square feet × $60/sqft = $124.80


1. Is this calculator suitable for estimating granite costs for other projects, such as flooring or wall cladding?

  • Yes, you can use it for various granite projects; just input the relevant dimensions.

2. Does the calculator account for additional costs like installation and edge detailing?

  • No, this calculator provides an estimate for the cost of the granite material only.

3. Can I use this calculator to compare granite prices from different suppliers?

  • Yes, you can input different prices per square foot to compare costs.

4. Is this calculator applicable to both residential and commercial projects?

  • Yes, it can be used for both residential and commercial granite projects.

5. What if my granite thickness is in centimeters?

  • You will need to convert the thickness to inches before using the calculator.

6. Can I save my calculations for future reference?

  • This calculator does not have a save feature; consider noting down your results.

7. Are taxes and delivery charges included in the estimate?

  • No, taxes and delivery charges are not included; you should account for them separately.

8. How can I factor in additional features like sinks or backsplashes?

  • These additional features are not included in this calculator and should be budgeted separately.

9. Can I use this calculator for estimating the cost of granite in different currencies?

  • Yes, you can use it with any currency, as long as all values are in the same currency.

10. Does the calculator provide a precise estimate for irregularly shaped countertops? - This calculator assumes a rectangular shape; for irregular shapes, you may need to estimate the area differently.


The Granite Cost Calculator is a valuable tool for anyone planning to install granite countertops. By providing a quick estimate based on dimensions and price per square foot, it helps you budget for your project accurately. Whether you're upgrading your kitchen or bathroom, this calculator simplifies the process of estimating granite countertop costs. Happy remodeling!

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