Dynamodb Cost Calculator

Introduction: The DynamoDB Cost Calculator is a valuable tool for businesses and developers using Amazon DynamoDB, a managed NoSQL database service. DynamoDB offers flexibility, scalability, and low-latency performance, but it’s important to estimate and manage your costs. This calculator helps you determine the monthly cost of using DynamoDB based on your read capacity units (RCUs), write capacity units (WCUs), and storage size in gigabytes (GB).

Formula: The monthly cost of DynamoDB is calculated using the following formula: Monthly Cost ($) = (RCUs + WCUs) × $0.00013 + Storage Size (GB) × $0.25

How to Use: Using the DynamoDB Cost Calculator is straightforward:

  1. Enter the number of Read Capacity Units (RCUs) required.
  2. Input the number of Write Capacity Units (WCUs) needed.
  3. Enter the storage size in gigabytes (GB).
  4. Click the “Calculate” button.
  5. The calculator will instantly display the estimated monthly cost in dollars.

Example: Suppose you have an application that requires 10 RCUs, 5 WCUs, and 100 GB of storage in Amazon DynamoDB. Using the calculator:

  • Enter 10 in the “Read Capacity Units (RCUs)” field.
  • Enter 5 in the “Write Capacity Units (WCUs)” field.
  • Enter 100 in the “Storage Size (GB)” field.
  • Click the “Calculate” button.

The calculator will show you that the estimated monthly cost for DynamoDB is $1.30.


  1. What are Read Capacity Units (RCUs) and Write Capacity Units (WCUs)?
    • RCUs represent the number of reads per second, and WCUs represent the number of writes per second that DynamoDB can handle.
  2. What factors affect DynamoDB costs?
    • DynamoDB costs are influenced by RCUs, WCUs, storage size, and other factors like data transfer and backup.
  3. Are there free-tier options for DynamoDB?
    • Yes, AWS offers a free-tier option that includes limited RCUs, WCUs, and storage for DynamoDB.
  4. Can I change my capacity units or storage size as needed?
    • Yes, DynamoDB allows you to adjust RCUs, WCUs, and storage size to meet changing demands.
  5. How does data transfer affect costs?
    • Data transfer costs depend on the volume of data transferred in and out of DynamoDB and can impact your overall expenses.

Conclusion: The DynamoDB Cost Calculator helps businesses and developers estimate their monthly expenses for using Amazon DynamoDB. Whether you’re running a small-scale application or a high-traffic service, understanding and managing your DynamoDB costs is essential. Use this calculator to plan your DynamoDB resources and make informed decisions about your database configuration. Achieve cost-effective and efficient DynamoDB usage with the assistance of this valuable tool.

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