Cost To Sell A House Calculator

Introduction: The Cost to Sell a House Calculator helps individuals estimate the net proceeds they can expect from selling their house. By inputting the house value, agent commission percentage, and closing costs, users can obtain an estimated amount of money they’ll receive after the sale.

Formula: The estimated net proceeds are calculated using the formula: Net Proceeds ($)=House Value ($)−(Agent Commission %×House Value ($))−Closing Costs ($)Net Proceeds ($)=House Value ($)−(Agent Commission %×House Value ($))−Closing Costs ($)

How to Use:

  1. Enter the house value in dollars.
  2. Input the agent commission percentage (e.g., 5 for 5%).
  3. Enter the closing costs in dollars.
  4. Click the “Calculate” button.
  5. The result will display the estimated net proceeds from the house sale.

Example: For example, if the house value is $300,000, the agent commission is 6%, and closing costs are $10,000, the estimated net proceeds would be: $300,000−(0.06×$300,000)−$10,000=$267,000$300,000−(0.06×$300,000)−$10,000=$267,000


  1. How is agent commission calculated?
    • Agent commission is calculated as a percentage of the house value. For example, a 5% commission on a $200,000 house would be $10,000.
  2. What is included in closing costs?
    • Closing costs may include fees for services like appraisals, inspections, title searches, and legal expenses.
  3. Can I negotiate agent commission?
    • Yes, agent commission is often negotiable. It’s advisable to discuss and agree on the commission rate with your real estate agent.
  4. Are there other costs not included in the calculator?
    • Yes, other costs such as home repairs, staging, and potential buyer concessions are not considered in this estimate.
  5. Is the closing cost estimation accurate?
    • The closing cost estimate is based on common costs but may vary depending on location and specific circumstances.

Conclusion: The Cost to Sell a House Calculator is a valuable tool for homeowners planning to sell their property. While it provides an estimated net proceeds amount, it’s essential to consider that actual proceeds may vary based on specific factors. For a more accurate estimation, individuals should consult with real estate professionals and take into account additional potential expenses related to the sale. Happy selling!

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