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Introduction: Employee turnover can be a significant cost for businesses. Understanding the financial impact of losing employees is essential for effective management. This “Cost Of Turnover Calculator” helps you estimate the expenses associated with employee turnover.

Formula: The cost of turnover is calculated using the formula: Cost of Turnover=(Initial Cost×Termination Rate100)+(Number of Employees×Recruitment Cost per Employee)Cost of Turnover=(100Initial Cost×Termination Rate​)+(Number of Employees×Recruitment Cost per Employee)

How to Use:

  1. Enter the initial cost of your business.
  2. Input the total number of employees in your organization.
  3. Specify the termination rate as a percentage.
  4. Provide the cost of recruitment per employee.
  5. Click the “Calculate” button to find the cost of turnover.

Example: Suppose you have an initial cost of $100,000, 50 employees, a termination rate of 10%, and a recruitment cost of $2,000 per employee. Using the calculator, you can find that the cost of turnover is $12,000.


Q1. What is the cost of employee turnover? A1. The cost of employee turnover is the financial impact of employees leaving a company, including the cost of recruiting and training replacements.

Q2. How can I reduce turnover costs? A2. You can reduce turnover costs by improving employee satisfaction, implementing better hiring practices, and providing professional development opportunities.

Q3. Is this calculator suitable for small businesses? A3. Yes, this calculator is suitable for businesses of all sizes. It provides an estimate of turnover costs.

Q4. What is the termination rate? A4. The termination rate is the percentage of employees leaving the company over a specified period.

Q5. Can I use this calculator for non-profit organizations? A5. Yes, you can use this calculator for non-profit organizations to estimate turnover costs.

Conclusion: Understanding the cost of turnover is crucial for any organization. This calculator simplifies the process of estimating turnover expenses, helping businesses make informed decisions to reduce turnover costs and improve overall financial performance.

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