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Building a house is a significant investment, and understanding the potential costs involved is crucial for budgeting and planning. Our “Cost of Building a House Calculator” helps provide a preliminary estimate to guide your financial preparations.


The formula to calculate the cost of building a house is simple: Total Cost = Cost per square foot × Total square footage

How to use

  1. Input the estimated “Cost per square foot” based on local construction rates.
  2. Input the “Total square footage” of the house you plan to build.
  3. Click the “Calculate” button.
  4. The “Total cost” field will display the estimated cost based on your inputs.


Suppose the cost per square foot in your locality is $100, and you plan to build a house spanning 1,500 square feet.

Using the calculator:

  • Input 100 in the “Cost per square foot” field.
  • Input 1,500 in the “Total square footage” field.
  • Click “Calculate.”

The total cost will display as $150,000.


  1. Is the cost per square foot constant everywhere?
    • No, it varies based on locality, materials, and labor costs.
  2. Can this calculator be used for multi-story houses?
    • Yes, simply input the combined square footage of all the stories.
  3. Does the calculator consider additional costs like permits and licenses?
    • No, this calculator provides an estimate based on square footage only. Always consult with a local professional for a detailed breakdown.
  4. How accurate is this calculator?
    • It provides a basic estimate. Actual costs can vary due to many factors.
  5. Does the calculator consider interior furnishings?
    • No, this is solely for construction costs.
  6. Can currency influence the cost per square foot?
    • Yes, currency fluctuations and regional economic conditions can affect costs.
  7. Is labor cost included in the cost per square foot?
    • Generally, it is. However, always confirm specifics with your local builders.
  8. How do I determine the local cost per square foot?
    • Consult local builders, real estate professionals, or building associations.
  9. Does the calculator adjust for inflation?
    • No, always use the most recent local data.
  10. Can I use this for extensions or renovations?
  • Yes, but remember renovation costs can sometimes differ from new construction costs.


The “Cost of Building a House Calculator” provides a fundamental understanding of the potential costs involved in house construction. Always pair its use with advice from local professionals to obtain detailed and up-to-date estimates.

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