Cost Of A New Deck Calculator

Introduction: Planning to build a new deck? One of the crucial factors you need to consider is the cost. Our “Cost Of A New Deck Calculator” will help you estimate the total expenses involved in your deck construction project.

Formula: To determine the total cost of your new deck, we use the following formula: Total Cost = Deck Size (in square feet) x (Material Cost (per square foot) + Labor Cost (per square foot))

How to Use:

  1. Enter the size of your deck in square feet.
  2. Input the cost of deck materials per square foot.
  3. Specify the labor cost per square foot.
  4. Click the “Calculate” button to get the total cost.

Example: Suppose you’re planning to build a deck with a size of 200 square feet. The cost of materials is $10 per square foot, and labor costs are $5 per square foot.

  • Deck Size: 200 square feet
  • Material Cost: $10 per square foot
  • Labor Cost: $5 per square foot After clicking “Calculate,” the total cost of the deck will be displayed.


  1. What is the purpose of this calculator? This calculator helps estimate the total cost of building a new deck based on its size, material cost, and labor cost.
  2. How accurate is the cost estimate? The estimate is accurate as long as you input the correct values for deck size, material cost, and labor cost.
  3. Can I change the currency for cost calculations? Yes, you can change the currency symbol when presenting the final estimate; the calculator itself uses numerical values.
  4. What if I want to use different units for size, like square meters? You can use different units for the size, as long as you’re consistent with the units used for material and labor costs.
  5. Is this calculator suitable for complex deck designs? This calculator provides a basic estimate. For complex designs, consult with a professional.
  6. How do I factor in additional costs, like permits and design fees? This calculator focuses on material and labor costs. You’ll need to add other expenses separately.
  7. Can I save the calculated results? The calculator provides the total cost, but you can manually record or save the results.
  8. What’s the typical range of labor costs for deck construction? Labor costs can vary widely depending on location and complexity; consult local contractors for estimates.
  9. Is this calculator suitable for commercial deck projects? It can provide a basic estimate, but commercial projects may have unique requirements that require a more detailed calculation.
  10. What’s the benefit of using this calculator over other methods? This calculator offers a quick estimate, making it a handy tool for initial project planning.

Conclusion: Our “Cost Of A New Deck Calculator” simplifies the process of estimating the expenses for your deck construction project. It provides a rough idea of the total cost, helping you plan your budget effectively. Remember that this is just an estimate, and actual costs may vary based on various factors. Always consult with professionals for accurate quotes.

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