Carbon Fiber Tube Weight Calculator

Carbon fiber tubes are commonly used in various applications, including aerospace, automotive, and engineering. Calculating the weight of a carbon fiber tube is essential for designing and engineering purposes. To simplify this process, we’ve created the Carbon Fiber Tube Weight Calculator. This calculator allows you to determine the weight of a carbon fiber tube based on its dimensions and density.

Formula: The weight of a carbon fiber tube can be calculated using the following formula:

  • Weight (grams) = Volume (cubic inches) * Density (g/cm³)


  • Volume = π * (Diameter/2)² * Length (for a cylindrical shape)

How to Use: Using our Carbon Fiber Tube Weight Calculator is straightforward. Follow these steps:

  1. Enter the diameter of the carbon fiber tube in inches.
  2. Enter the length of the tube in inches.
  3. Input the density of the carbon fiber material in grams per cubic centimeter (g/cm³).
  4. Click the “Calculate” button to obtain the weight of the carbon fiber tube.

The calculator will display the weight in grams.

Example: Let’s say you have a carbon fiber tube with a diameter of 1.5 inches, a length of 24 inches, and a density of 1.7 g/cm³. After entering these values into the calculator and clicking “Calculate,” you will find that the tube weighs approximately 849.71 grams.


  1. What is the purpose of a carbon fiber tube weight calculator?
    • The calculator helps determine the weight of a carbon fiber tube, which is crucial for designing structures and selecting materials in various industries.
  2. What units should I use for diameter and length?
    • The calculator uses inches for both diameter and length.
  3. Can I use this calculator for other shapes besides cylindrical tubes?
    • This calculator is designed specifically for cylindrical tubes.
  4. What is the significance of carbon fiber density?
    • The density represents how much mass is contained in a given volume of carbon fiber material.
  5. Is the result in grams the only available unit?
    • Yes, this calculator provides the weight in grams. You can convert it to other units as needed.

Conclusion: The Carbon Fiber Tube Weight Calculator simplifies the process of determining the weight of carbon fiber tubes, aiding engineers, designers, and hobbyists in selecting the right materials for their projects. Whether you’re working on aerospace components or recreational equipment, this calculator is a valuable tool for accurate weight estimation, contributing to the success of your designs.

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