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Calories burned in a day is a crucial metric for those who are conscious of their fitness and health. This calculator will help you estimate the number of calories you burn daily, considering factors like your weight, age, gender, and activity level.

Formula: The formula used to calculate daily calorie burn differs for men and women. For men, the formula is: Calories Burned = 88.362 + (13.397 * weight in kg) + (4.799 * age in years) + (5.677 * activity level)

For women, the formula is: Calories Burned = 447.593 + (9.247 * weight in kg) + (3.098 * age in years) + (4.330 * activity level)

How to Use: To use the calculator, simply enter your weight in kilograms, age in years, select your gender, and choose your activity level. Click the “Calculate” button, and the estimated daily calorie burn will be displayed.

Example: Let’s say you are a 30-year-old woman weighing 70 kilograms and engaging in moderately active activities. Your estimated daily calorie burn would be calculated as follows: Calories Burned = 447.593 + (9.247 * 70) + (3.098 * 30) + (4.330 * 3) ≈ 1901.83 calories


  1. How do I determine my activity level?
    • Sedentary: Little or no exercise.
    • Lightly Active: Light exercise or sports 1-3 days a week.
    • Moderately Active: Moderate exercise or sports 3-5 days a week.
    • Very Active: Hard exercise or sports 6-7 days a week.
    • Super Active: Very hard exercise, physical job, or training twice a day.
  2. Is this calculator accurate for everyone?
    • This calculator provides a rough estimate. Individual variations and factors such as muscle mass, metabolism, and medical conditions may influence your actual calorie burn.
  3. Can I use this to determine my daily calorie intake?
    • This calculator estimates calorie burn; it is not meant for determining calorie intake. Consult a nutritionist for dietary recommendations.
  4. What are the implications of daily calorie burn?
    • Understanding your daily calorie burn can help with weight management and planning your daily calorie consumption.
  5. Why does the formula differ for men and women?
    • Men and women have different metabolic rates, which is why separate formulas are used.
  6. Is this calculator applicable to teenagers or seniors?
    • The calculator is designed for adults. Teenagers and seniors may have different requirements.

Conclusion: Knowing how many calories you burn in a day is valuable information for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Use this calculator as a starting point for your fitness and nutrition planning, and remember that individual variations exist. To get a more accurate assessment, consider consulting a healthcare professional or registered dietitian.

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