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The Birth Weight Calculator is a tool designed to estimate the birth weight of a baby, considering the heights of both parents and the baby’s gender. It provides an approximation of the expected weight of the newborn.


The calculator estimates birth weight based on parental heights and the baby’s gender. The formula differs based on the baby’s gender (male or female) and the height of both parents, providing an estimation of the baby’s birth weight.

How to Use

  1. Input the height of both the mother and the father in inches.
  2. Select the gender of the baby as male or female.
  3. Click the “Calculate” button to obtain an estimated birth weight for the baby.


For instance, if the mother’s height is 64 inches, the father’s height is 70 inches, and the expected baby gender is male, the calculator will estimate the baby’s birth weight based on this information.


  1. How accurate is the estimated birth weight?
    • It provides an approximation based on parental heights and baby’s gender. Individual factors may cause variations.
  2. Can this calculator determine the exact birth weight?
    • No, it estimates the expected birth weight as an approximation.
  3. Does parental weight influence the result?
    • The calculator focuses on parental heights as they have a potential impact on the baby’s birth weight.
  4. Why does gender selection matter in the calculation?
    • Different formulas are used for male and female babies to estimate birth weight.
  5. Is the calculator based on scientific research?
    • The calculator’s formulas draw from established correlations between parental heights and birth weight.


The Birth Weight Calculator is a helpful tool providing an estimated birth weight based on the heights of both parents and the selected baby gender. While it offers an approximate estimation, numerous factors can influence the actual birth weight, and a healthcare professional’s evaluation is essential for precise assessments and care.

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