Asphalt Weight Calculator

Asphalt is a commonly used material in construction projects, and knowing its weight is crucial for planning and logistics. The Asphalt Weight Calculator simplifies this process, providing a quick and accurate way to determine the weight of asphalt based on its dimensions.

Formula: The weight of asphalt is calculated using the formula: Weight=Volume×DensityWeight=Volume×Density where Volume is calculated as Length×Width×(Thickness100)Length×Width×(100Thickness​) to convert thickness to meters, and Density is the standard density of asphalt (2.4 grams per cubic centimeter).

How to Use:

  1. Enter the length, width, and thickness of the asphalt in the provided input fields.
  2. Click the “Calculate” button to get the weight of the asphalt.

Example: Suppose you have an asphalt surface with a length of 10 meters, a width of 5 meters, and a thickness of 7 centimeters. Input these values into the calculator, and you will get the weight of the asphalt.


  1. Q: What is the density of asphalt used in the calculator? A: The calculator uses a standard density of 2.4 grams per cubic centimeter for asphalt.
  2. Q: Can I input dimensions in feet instead of meters? A: No, the calculator accepts dimensions only in meters. Please convert feet to meters before inputting values.
  3. Q: Is the thickness input in centimeters or meters? A: The thickness should be entered in centimeters; the calculator automatically converts it to meters.
  4. Q: Why is asphalt density important in the calculation? A: Density is crucial as it represents the mass per unit volume of asphalt, allowing accurate weight calculations.
  5. Q: Can I use the calculator for asphalt mixes with different densities? A: No, the calculator assumes a standard density of 2.4 grams per cubic centimeter.

Conclusion: The Asphalt Weight Calculator simplifies the task of determining the weight of asphalt, providing a valuable tool for construction professionals and enthusiasts alike. By inputting the dimensions, users can quickly obtain accurate weight estimates, aiding in project planning and resource management.

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