Arrow Weight Foc Calculator

Arrow balance is a crucial factor in archery, and the Front of Center (FOC) percentage plays a significant role in achieving the desired accuracy and performance. The Arrow Weight FOC Calculator is a handy tool to determine the FOC weight of your arrow, helping you make informed decisions about your archery equipment.


The Front of Center (FOC) percentage is calculated by taking the weight of the arrow’s front half (typically the point and insert) and dividing it by the total arrow weight. The formula is as follows:

FOC Percentage = (Front Half Weight / Total Arrow Weight) x 100%

How to Use

Using the Arrow Weight FOC Calculator is easy:

  1. Enter the weight of your arrow in grains in the “Arrow Weight” field.
  2. Input the desired FOC percentage in the “FOC Percentage” field (usually between 10% to 25%).
  3. Click the “Calculate” button.

The calculator will instantly provide you with the FOC weight of your arrow.


Let’s say you have an arrow weighing 400 grains, and you want an FOC percentage of 15%. Enter these values into the calculator:

  • Arrow Weight: 400 grains
  • FOC Percentage: 15%

Click “Calculate,” and the result will show the FOC weight, which is 60 grains. This means you need to adjust your arrow to achieve a 15% FOC.


  1. What is FOC in archery?
    • FOC stands for Front of Center, a measurement of how much of an arrow’s total weight is concentrated towards the front.
  2. Why is FOC important?
    • FOC affects arrow stability, accuracy, and penetration. It’s essential for achieving the desired performance.
  3. What is the typical FOC percentage for hunting arrows?
    • For hunting, FOC percentages between 10% to 15% are often recommended.
  4. Are there different FOC requirements for target shooting?
    • Yes, target shooters might prefer FOC percentages closer to 20% for improved accuracy.
  5. Can I adjust FOC by changing arrow components?
    • Yes, you can modify FOC by altering the point weight or adding weights to the front of the arrow.
  6. Is a higher FOC always better?
    • Not necessarily. The ideal FOC varies based on your shooting style and preferences.
  7. Do I need special arrows for a high FOC?
    • Arrows designed for high FOC typically have reinforced front sections to handle the increased weight.
  8. Can I calculate FOC without a calculator?
    • While it’s possible, using a calculator like this one simplifies the process.
  9. What happens if I have too low of an FOC?
    • A low FOC may lead to less stability and penetration.
  10. Where can I find arrow weight specifications?
    • Arrow manufacturers typically provide weight information for their products.


The Arrow Weight FOC Calculator is a valuable tool for archers looking to optimize their arrow setup. By ensuring the right FOC percentage, you can enhance the accuracy and performance of your arrows, whether for hunting or target shooting. Use this calculator to make informed decisions about your archery equipment and improve your overall shooting experience.

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