Army Female Height And Weight Calculator

Army Female Height and Weight Status:

Introduction: The Army Female Height and Weight Calculator is a useful tool for women considering a career in the military. The U.S. Army has specific height and weight standards to ensure soldiers are fit for service. This calculator helps individuals assess their height and weight status to determine their eligibility for Army service.

Formula: The calculator uses the Body Mass Index (BMI) to assess height and weight status. The formula for BMI is:

BMI = (Weight in pounds / (Height in inches * Height in inches)) * 703.0704

The calculator then classifies individuals into different categories based on their BMI.

How to Use: Using the Army Female Height and Weight Calculator is straightforward:

  1. Enter your height in inches in the "Height" field.
  2. Input your weight in pounds in the "Weight" field.
  3. Click the "Calculate" button to determine your Army Female Height and Weight Status.

The result will be displayed below the input fields.

Example: Suppose you have a height of 65 inches (5 feet 5 inches) and a weight of 140 pounds. Using the calculator:

BMI = (140 / (65 * 65)) * 703.0704 ≈ 23.29

Your Army Female Height and Weight Status is "Normal Weight."


  1. Q: Why does the Army have specific height and weight standards? A: These standards are in place to ensure that soldiers are physically fit and capable of performing their duties.
  2. Q: What is the significance of the BMI-based status in the military? A: The BMI status helps in assessing an individual's physical readiness and overall health for military service.
  3. Q: Can I reapply if my status is currently "Overweight" or "Obese"? A: Yes, individuals can work on their fitness and reapply once they meet the required standards.
  4. Q: Are these standards the same for all branches of the military? A: Different branches of the military may have varying height and weight standards.
  5. Q: What if my height and weight status does not meet the Army's requirements? A: Individuals can focus on fitness and nutrition to achieve the necessary standards for military service.

Conclusion: The Army Female Height and Weight Calculator is a valuable tool for women considering a career in the U.S. Army. Assessing height and weight status is essential to meet the Army's physical fitness standards. By using the BMI-based classification provided by this calculator, individuals can determine their eligibility and work towards achieving the required standards for military service.

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