90 10 Mortgage Calculator

A 90/10 mortgage refers to a financing option where the borrower puts down 10% of the home’s purchase price while borrowing the remaining 90%. This type of mortgage can be advantageous for certain buyers, offering flexibility in down payment requirements.

Formula: In a 90/10 mortgage, the loan amount is calculated as 90% of the home price, and the down payment is 10% of the home price.

How to Use: Simply input the home price and the percentage of the down payment into the respective fields and click “Calculate.” The calculator will then display the loan amount and the interest amount based on the given inputs.

Example: Let’s say you’re purchasing a home for $300,000, and you’re opting for a 90/10 mortgage. You would input $300,000 as the home price and 10 as the down payment percentage. Upon calculation, the result would show a loan amount of $270,000 and an interest amount of $30,000.


  1. What is a 90/10 mortgage?
    • A 90/10 mortgage is a financing option where the borrower provides a 10% down payment and borrows the remaining 90% of the home’s purchase price.
  2. Who is eligible for a 90/10 mortgage?
    • Eligibility for a 90/10 mortgage depends on various factors such as credit score, income stability, and debt-to-income ratio.
  3. Are there any advantages to a 90/10 mortgage?
    • One advantage is that it allows buyers to purchase a home with a smaller upfront cash requirement compared to traditional mortgages.
  4. Can I negotiate the terms of a 90/10 mortgage?
    • Yes, the terms of a 90/10 mortgage, including interest rates and loan duration, can often be negotiated with the lender.
  5. What happens if I default on a 90/10 mortgage?
    • Defaulting on a 90/10 mortgage can result in foreclosure, where the lender takes possession of the property due to non-payment.

Conclusion: A 90/10 mortgage can be a viable option for homebuyers who want to minimize their upfront costs while still obtaining favorable financing terms. However, it’s essential to carefully consider your financial situation and consult with a mortgage advisor to determine if this type of loan is suitable for you.

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