Walleye Weight Calculator

Introduction: The Walleye Weight Calculator provides an estimation of the weight of a Walleye fish based on its length. This tool is valuable for anglers and fishing enthusiasts who wish to estimate the weight of their catch without the need for a scale.

Formula: The calculator utilizes a standard length-weight relationship formula, which assumes that Walleye fish exhibit a specific growth pattern. The formula estimates weight based on the length of the fish.

How to Use: Utilizing the Walleye Weight Calculator:

  1. Input the length of the Walleye fish in inches.
  2. Click the “Calculate” button.

The calculator will display an estimated weight of the Walleye fish based on the provided length.

Example: For example, if the length of a Walleye fish is 20 inches, input this value into the calculator and click “Calculate.” The result will estimate the weight of the Walleye fish:

  • Estimated Walleye Weight: 1.43 pounds


  1. Is this calculator suitable for other fish species?
    • This calculator is specifically designed for estimating the weight of Walleye fish.
  2. Is the length-weight relationship consistent for all Walleye fish?
    • The formula provides a general estimation but may vary for individual fish and based on habitat and diet.
  3. Can I use this calculator for fish in different units of measurement?
    • The calculator is designed for input in inches and provides the weight in pounds.
  4. Is the estimated weight accurate for all Walleye fish, including juveniles and adults?
    • The formula is more accurate for mature Walleye, as growth rates differ for various life stages.
  5. Can I use this calculator for catch-and-release fishing?
    • Yes, it can help you estimate the weight of your catch without harming the fish.

Conclusion: The Walleye Weight Calculator is a useful tool for estimating the weight of Walleye fish based on their length. It is particularly handy for anglers and fishing enthusiasts who want to assess the size of their catch. Keep in mind that this calculator provides estimations, and actual fish weight may vary due to factors such as fish age, diet, and habitat.

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