Walk In Cooler Size Calculator

Introduction: Selecting the right size for a walk-in cooler is essential for efficient storage and operation. The Walk-In Cooler Size Calculator assists in this process by considering the dimensions of the space, providing a recommendation tailored to your needs.

Formula: The calculator multiplies the length, width, and height of the walk-in cooler to determine its total volume in cubic feet. This straightforward calculation yields the recommended size for the walk-in cooler.

How to Use:

  1. Enter the length of the walk-in cooler in feet.
  2. Enter the width of the walk-in cooler in feet.
  3. Enter the height of the walk-in cooler in feet.
  4. Click the “Calculate” button to obtain the suggested walk-in cooler size.

Example: Suppose you enter a length of 10 feet, a width of 8 feet, and a height of 6 feet. The calculator will suggest a walk-in cooler size of 480 cubic feet.


  1. Q: Why is a walk-in cooler size calculator important? A: Proper sizing ensures efficient cooling, reduces energy consumption, and optimizes storage space.
  2. Q: Can I use the calculator for different units of measurement? A: The calculator is designed for input in feet. Convert measurements from other units before using the calculator.
  3. Q: Is the suggested cooler size suitable for all businesses? A: The calculator provides a general recommendation. Consider factors such as the type of products stored and business requirements when making a decision.
  4. Q: What if my calculated cooler size is not a standard option? A: In such cases, round up to the nearest standard size available or consult with a professional for customized solutions.
  5. Q: Can I use the calculator for residential walk-in coolers? A: The calculator is versatile and can be used for both commercial and residential walk-in coolers.

Conclusion: The Walk-In Cooler Size Calculator simplifies the process of determining the ideal size for your cooler, ensuring optimal functionality and space utilization. Use this tool to make informed decisions when planning or upgrading your walk-in cooler.

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