Test Statistic To P Value Calculator

Statistical tests play a crucial role in data analysis, helping researchers draw meaningful conclusions from their observations. One common aspect of statistical analysis is the calculation of the P-value from a test statistic. This article introduces a Test Statistic To P Value Calculator, providing a convenient way to perform this calculation effortlessly.

Formula: The P-value is calculated based on the observed value, sample size, and test statistic. The exact formula depends on the statistical test being used. The calculator provided here allows users to input these values and obtain the corresponding P-value.

How to Use:

  1. Enter the observed value in the “Observed Value” field.
  2. Input the sample size in the “Sample Size” field.
  3. Provide the test statistic in the “Test Statistic” field.
  4. Click the “Calculate” button to obtain the P-value.

Example: Suppose you conducted a hypothesis test with an observed value of 25, a sample size of 100, and a test statistic of 2.5. Using the Test Statistic To P Value Calculator, you can find the P-value corresponding to these values.


  1. What is a P-value?
    • The P-value is a measure that helps assess the evidence against a null hypothesis in statistical hypothesis testing.
  2. How do I interpret the P-value?
    • A smaller P-value suggests stronger evidence against the null hypothesis, indicating that the results are statistically significant.
  3. Can the P-value be negative?
    • No, the P-value is always non-negative, ranging from 0 to 1.
  4. What does a P-value of 0.05 signify?
    • A common significance level, a P-value of 0.05, suggests a 5% chance of obtaining the observed results if the null hypothesis is true.
  5. What statistical tests does this calculator support?
    • The calculator is generic and can be used with various statistical tests, such as t-tests, chi-square tests, etc.

Conclusion: The Test Statistic To P Value Calculator simplifies the process of calculating P-values, making statistical analysis more accessible. Whether you are a student or a researcher, this tool provides a quick and efficient way to interpret the significance of your test results. Enhance your statistical analysis with this user-friendly calculator.

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