Sd-Wan Cost Calculator

SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) has revolutionized the way organizations manage and optimize their network infrastructure. It offers enhanced flexibility, security, and cost savings compared to traditional WAN solutions. One crucial aspect of adopting SD-WAN is understanding its cost implications. To help you with this, we’ve developed the SD-WAN Cost Calculator.

Formula: The SD-WAN Cost Calculator estimates the total cost using the following formula: Total Cost = Bandwidth (Mbps) × Cost per Mbps ($) × Number of Months

How to Use: Using the SD-WAN Cost Calculator is straightforward. Follow these steps:

  1. Enter Required Bandwidth (Mbps): Input the desired bandwidth for your SD-WAN deployment in megabits per second (Mbps).
  2. Cost per Mbps ($): Specify the cost per Mbps from your SD-WAN service provider.
  3. Number of Months: Input the duration, in months, for which you plan to use the SD-WAN service.
  4. Click the “Calculate” button to obtain an estimate of your SD-WAN cost.

Example: Let’s say you need a bandwidth of 100 Mbps for your organization, and your service provider charges $10 per Mbps per month. If you plan to use the SD-WAN service for 12 months, you can use the calculator to find the estimated cost.

  • Bandwidth (Mbps): 100
  • Cost per Mbps ($): 10
  • Number of Months: 12

Upon clicking “Calculate,” the calculator will display the estimated SD-WAN Cost: $12,000.


  1. What is SD-WAN?
    • SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) is a technology that simplifies the management and operation of a wide area network by decoupling the network hardware from its control mechanism.
  2. Why is SD-WAN important?
    • SD-WAN improves network performance, reduces costs, and enhances security, making it essential for modern businesses.
  3. How does the SD-WAN Cost Calculator work?
    • The calculator multiplies the bandwidth, cost per Mbps, and the number of months to estimate the total SD-WAN cost.
  4. Is this calculator suitable for all SD-WAN deployments?
    • It provides a basic estimate and may not account for all factors. Consult with your SD-WAN provider for precise cost calculations.
  5. Can I change the input values after clicking “Calculate”?
    • Yes, you can modify the inputs and recalculate as needed.
  6. What if my bandwidth requirements change over time?
    • You can use the calculator multiple times with different values to estimate costs for various scenarios.

Conclusion: The SD-WAN Cost Calculator is a valuable tool for organizations considering SD-WAN adoption. It offers a quick estimate of the potential costs associated with your specific bandwidth needs and contract duration. However, remember that the actual costs may vary depending on the service provider and specific terms of your SD-WAN deployment. Use this calculator as a starting point to make informed decisions about your network infrastructure and budgeting.

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