Deadlift Calories Burned Calculator

Deadlifts are a popular compound exercise that engages multiple muscle groups and burns a significant number of calories. If you’re curious about how many calories you can burn during a deadlift session, our Deadlift Calories Burned Calculator can provide you with a quick and accurate estimate.

Formula: To determine the calories burned during a deadlift workout, we use the following formula: Calories Burned = 7.7 * Weight (in kilograms) * Duration (in minutes). This formula takes into account your body weight and the time you spend performing deadlifts.

How to Use: Using our Deadlift Calories Burned Calculator is easy. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter your weight in kilograms.
  2. Enter the duration of your deadlift workout in minutes.
  3. Click the “Calculate” button.

The calculator will instantly display the estimated calories burned during your deadlift session.

Example: Let’s say you weigh 70 kilograms, and you perform a deadlift workout for 30 minutes. Using the calculator, you would enter 70 for weight and 30 for duration. After clicking “Calculate,” you would find that you burned approximately 16,590 calories during your deadlift session.


Q1: How accurate is the Deadlift Calories Burned Calculator? A1: The calculator provides a reasonably accurate estimate of calories burned during a deadlift workout. However, individual factors such as metabolism and intensity can affect the actual calorie burn.

Q2: Can I use this calculator for other exercises? A2: This calculator is specifically designed for deadlifts. Different exercises may have different calorie-burning rates, so it’s not suitable for other workouts.

Q3: What if I use pounds instead of kilograms for weight? A3: You should convert your weight to kilograms for accurate results. 1 kilogram is approximately 2.20462 pounds.

Q4: Is the calculator applicable for both beginners and experienced lifters? A4: Yes, the calculator is suitable for individuals at all fitness levels. It provides an estimate of calories burned based on weight and duration.

Q5: Do I need to consider my age or gender? A5: The calculator focuses on weight and workout duration. Age and gender can influence calorie burn but are not factored into this particular calculator.

Q6: Is this calculator suitable for tracking weight loss progress? A6: It can be used to estimate the calories burned during a workout, which is part of a weight loss strategy, but it’s not a comprehensive weight loss tool.

Q7: Can I use this calculator for other weightlifting exercises? A7: The calculator is designed specifically for deadlifts. For other weightlifting exercises, you may need different formulas or calculators.

Q8: How can I make my deadlift workouts more effective for calorie burn? A8: Increasing the intensity, adding weights, or incorporating variations in your deadlift routine can help you burn more calories.

Q9: What is the significance of knowing calories burned during deadlifts? A9: Understanding calorie burn can help you balance your workout routine with your dietary needs, whether you’re aiming to maintain or lose weight.

Q10: Can I trust this calculator for weight management purposes? A10: While it can provide useful information, it’s essential to consult with a fitness professional for a comprehensive weight management plan.

Conclusion: The Deadlift Calories Burned Calculator is a valuable tool for those looking to estimate the calories burned during their deadlift workouts. It provides a quick and convenient way to gain insight into the energy expenditure associated with this intense exercise. Keep in mind that the result is an estimate, and individual factors can influence the actual calorie burn. For more precise information, consult with a fitness expert or use additional monitoring tools.

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