Cost To Renovate A House Calculator

Introduction: Renovating a house can be an exciting but expensive endeavor. Before you start, it’s essential to have a rough estimate of the costs involved. Our “Cost To Renovate A House Calculator” can help you get a quick estimate, ensuring your project stays within budget.

Formula: To calculate the cost per square foot, we use the formula: Cost per Square Foot = Total Budget / Total Square Feet

How to Use:

  1. Enter your budget in dollars in the “Enter your budget” field.
  2. Enter the total square footage of the area you plan to renovate in the “Enter total square feet” field.
  3. Click the “Calculate” button to get the estimated cost per square foot.

Example: Suppose you have a budget of $30,000, and you’re planning to renovate an area of 1,500 square feet.

  • Enter “30000” in the budget field.
  • Enter “1500” in the square feet field.
  • Click “Calculate.”

The result will show the estimated cost per square foot, which in this case, would be $20.00 per square foot.


  1. What factors can affect the cost of a house renovation?
    • Several factors can influence renovation costs, including the size of the project, materials used, labor costs, and location.
  2. Is this calculator suitable for all types of renovations?
    • This calculator provides a general estimate for residential renovations but may not be suitable for complex or commercial projects.
  3. How accurate is the cost estimate from this calculator?
    • The estimate is based on the provided budget and square footage. It gives you a rough idea but may not reflect the exact costs.
  4. Should I consider other expenses like permits and design fees?
    • Yes, this calculator provides an estimate for basic costs. Additional expenses like permits, design fees, and unexpected issues should also be considered.
  5. What if I want a high-end renovation with premium materials?
    • For high-end renovations, you may need to adjust your budget accordingly, as this calculator provides a basic estimate.
  6. Can I use this calculator for commercial property renovations?
    • It’s primarily designed for residential projects, but you can use it as a starting point for commercial renovations.
  7. What’s the average cost per square foot for a basic renovation?
    • The average cost per square foot can vary widely by location and type of renovation. It’s best to consult local contractors for more accurate estimates.
  8. Is this calculator for a specific country or currency?
    • It can be used with any currency. Just ensure you enter the budget in the same currency you plan to spend.
  9. What if I have multiple rooms to renovate with different budgets?
    • You’ll need to calculate the cost per square foot for each room separately and then combine the results.
  10. Are there any hidden costs in house renovations?
    • Yes, there can be unexpected costs, so it’s essential to have a contingency budget to cover unforeseen expenses.

Conclusion: Renovating a house is a significant project, and having a rough estimate of the cost per square foot can be a valuable starting point. Our “Cost To Renovate A House Calculator” simplifies this process, but remember that it’s a tool for initial planning. Always consult with professionals for more accurate and detailed estimates. Happy renovating!

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