Calculate Between Times

Introduction: Welcome to the Calculate Between Times tool! This calculator allows you to determine the time duration between two specific moments. Whether you’re managing your work hours, planning events, or tracking activities, this tool simplifies the process of calculating time differences.

Formula: The calculator uses the formula: Time Duration = End Time – Start Time. It calculates the difference between the entered start and end times and displays the result in hours and minutes.

How to Use:

  1. Enter the start time in the “Start Time” field using the provided time picker.
  2. Enter the end time in the “End Time” field using the time picker.
  3. Click the “Calculate” button to find the time duration between the two times.
  4. The result will display the time duration in hours and minutes.

Example: Suppose you start a task at 9:30 AM and finish at 2:45 PM. Enter “09:30” in the “Start Time” field and “14:45” in the “End Time” field. After clicking “Calculate,” the result will show “5 hours 15 minutes,” indicating the time duration between the two moments.


  1. Q: Can I use this calculator for dates as well? A: No, this calculator specifically calculates the time duration between two times in a single day.
  2. Q: Is the calculation inclusive of both start and end times? A: No, the calculation is exclusive of both the start and end times.
  3. Q: Can I input times in the 24-hour format? A: Yes, you can use the 24-hour format for entering times.
  4. Q: What happens if the end time is earlier than the start time? A: The calculator will still provide a result, indicating a negative time duration.
  5. Q: Can I use this tool for tracking work hours? A: Yes, this tool is suitable for calculating work hours or any time intervals within a day.

Conclusion: The Calculate Between Times tool is a convenient solution for individuals seeking to calculate time durations between two specific moments. Use this calculator for various purposes, from managing schedules to planning events, and streamline the process of determining time differences with accuracy.

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