Amazon Storage Cost Calculator

Amazon Storage Cost Calculator

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Managing data storage costs is crucial for businesses, especially when using Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS offers various storage classes, each with its own pricing structure. To help you estimate your monthly storage expenses, we’ve created the Amazon Storage Cost Calculator.


The calculator employs a straightforward formula to estimate your monthly storage costs:

  • Standard Storage: $0.023 per GB per month.
  • Intelligent-Tiering Storage: $0.012 per GB per month.
  • Glacier Storage: $0.004 per GB per month.
  • Deep Archive Storage: $0.00099 per GB per month.

How to Use

Using the Amazon Storage Cost Calculator is easy:

  1. Enter the size of your data in gigabytes (GB) in the “Data Size” field.
  2. Select the appropriate storage class from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click the “Calculate” button to obtain the estimated monthly storage cost.

The result will be displayed below the calculator, showing your estimated monthly storage cost based on your input.


Suppose you have 500 GB of data stored in the “Standard” storage class. Using the calculator, your estimated monthly storage cost would be:

  • Data Size: 500 GB
  • Storage Class: Standard
  • Estimated Monthly Cost: $11.50


1. What is Amazon S3 storage class?

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) offers various storage classes designed for different use cases. These storage classes include Standard, Intelligent-Tiering, Glacier, and Deep Archive.

2. How accurate is the calculator?

The calculator provides a good estimate of your monthly storage costs, but actual costs may vary based on factors like data transfer, retrieval requests, and other AWS services.

3. Can I change the storage class later?

Yes, you can change the storage class of your data in Amazon S3 to optimize costs as your needs change.

4. Are there additional costs besides storage fees?

Yes, there may be additional costs for data transfer, retrieval, and other AWS services. The calculator focuses on storage costs only.

5. Is data size measured in GiB or GB?

The calculator uses gigabytes (GB) as the unit for data size.

6. What is Intelligent-Tiering storage?

Intelligent-Tiering automatically moves objects between two access tiers within a storage class, helping you optimize costs.

7. How does Glacier storage differ from Standard storage?

Glacier is designed for long-term archive data, offering lower storage costs in exchange for longer retrieval times.

8. What is the Deep Archive storage class used for?

Deep Archive is intended for data that needs to be retained for many years and has the lowest storage cost.

9. Can I calculate the costs for multiple data sets at once?

The calculator is designed to estimate the cost for a single data size and storage class at a time.

10. Is this calculator affiliated with Amazon AWS?

No, this calculator is an independent tool for estimating storage costs and is not affiliated with Amazon AWS.


The Amazon Storage Cost Calculator simplifies the process of estimating your monthly storage costs on Amazon S3. It allows you to make informed decisions about storage class selection and budgeting. Remember that while this tool provides a reliable estimate, actual costs may vary based on various factors, so always monitor your AWS usage for accuracy in your billing.

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